DKI Jakarta Fire Incident 2022 Highlight

There are several fire incidents in DKI Jakarta year by year. Based on the Jakarta statistic data there are 543 fire incidents in DKI Jakarta ever since January – April 2022. The number of cases is increasing in the past years to an average of 300-400 cases. Most of the fire incidents are caused by an electrical fault, some by trash burning, and others by the gaseous case.

Electrical fault dominated the fire incident because the electrical setting and layout do not comply with the regulation. Moreover, most of the buildings changed their initial purpose and become home industry areas. This situation gets worse with the densely populated residential. It is often for the fire brigade not able to reach the fire area because of the narrow street.

The number of fires that occur in DKI Jakarta needs to be considered, especially the electricity arrangement, building occupancy, and density, also the basic knowledge of fire for non-expert people. It is necessary to educate people about fire and this could be a prevention fire incidents to occur.

One fire incident that was caused by the electrical fault is a fire incident in Kalibaru Cilincing on 27th June 2022. The fire incident happened in a two-story house. People reported that there was a fire on the second floor. 9 fire truck assigned was assigned to extinguish the fire. This fire incident was predicted happened caused by electrical faults that burn the material on the second floor.

Fire Incident Kalibiru Cilincing 27th  June 2022  source: google picture

Another fire incident caused by the electrical fault is a fire incident in Gembrong Traditional Market on 24th April 2022 East Jakarta. This fire incident initially occurred in a two-storey house. Because of the densely populated residential and mostly the building material made from wood the fire spread so fast and uncontrollably. 26 fire truck with 130 personnel was sent to extinguish the fire. This incident was predicted to happen due to an electrical fault. This incident burned 400 buildings.

Fire Incident Gembrong Traditional Market, East Jakarta. 24th April 2022 source: google picture

Fire Incident Analysis

From the incident described above, it is necessary to comply with the regulation for electrical installation and usage as it’s the most factor that forms fire in densely populated residential. It is also necessary to educate people about the basic knowledge of fire and how to prevent it. The most fire occurred in house buildings and spread to other buildings that are close by. Various combustible at home also makes it easier for fire to occur in house building.


Here are tips to prevent fire caused by electrical faults:

  • Do not use 1 socket outlet for multiple-output (stacked)
  • Ensure there’s no damaged cable
  • Put away combustible material from the electrical outlet and electrical network
  • Put away water or any flammable liquid or gas from the electrical network
  • Ensure to use MCB for connection between your house and the power source pole
  • Unplug all the unused electrical devices

Writer: Aulia Rahma - Fire Engineer Ignis Fire & Risk 


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