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With the help of technology and expertise in the field of Fire & Risk, we have a wide range of products and services that can be used by variety of businesses

Fire Risk Assessment & Engineering Consulting

We provide various Fire Engineering Reports, analysis and services as a one-stop solution according to your facility needs

Operational Risk Management

We offer a holistic approach of IT system and app development that encompass risk assessment, decision-making, and implementation of risk control, to drive business resilience & efficiency

1. We assess the Fire Risk of your facilities based on legal standards to produce necessary solutions that would reduce the risk and impact of fire.

2. Some would say this practice as Fire & Explosion Risk Assessment (FERA).

3. We refer to international standards (such as NFPA, FM Datasheets, AM Best) and national regulatory requirements to conduct a Comprehensive Detailed Report which provides recommendations and solutions.

Aspects assessed

1. We assess your facility design through fire dynamics & evacuation computer modeling simulations to provide a detailed Performance Based Analysis and solutions.

2. We use sophisticated simulation softwares which are trusted by fire experts worldwide.

3. We can realistically visualize and analyze the scale of destruction that could happen, along with the evacuation process from a worst case scenario according to your building design and occupancy.

1. We provide various Tech-based consultation services as a one- stop engineered fire safety solution that fits your needs.

To help you enhance your building safety, we can provide

Operational Risk Management

IgnisEye seamlessly merges cutting-edge artificial intelligence with state-of-the-art machine learning technology, delivering unparalleled fire detection accuracy and real-time alerts.

Experience the future of Fire and Smoke detection with IgnisEye.

AI Powered Precision

IgnisEye harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to instantly detect fire and smoke patterns within camera footage. This ensures rapid and accurate identification, minimizing response time and potential damage.

Flexible Integration

Our system effortlessly integrates with your existing camera infrastructure, primarily CCTV systems, enhancing their capabilities to encompass life-saving fire and smoke detection. IgnisEye fits seamlessly into your security setup.

Customized Solutions

Recognizing that every environment is unique, IgnisEye offers tailored solutions to address your specific fire safety requirements. From configuration to integration, our experts ensure seamless implementation.

Web-Based & Mobile Accessibility

Access vital information anytime, anywhere. IgnisEye is web-based and mobile desktop provides a centralized hub to monitor, manage, and review captured data. With our comprehensive data visualization, you can review historical data, incident timelines, and patterns to optimize safety protocols and future planning.

Real-Time Alerts

Swift action is paramount during emergencies. IgnisEye is push notification system instantly alerts relevant personnel the moment fire or smoke is detected.


1. We develop a customized system and application as a tool & interface for Fire Safety Manager and Engineering team in Building.

2. This aims to improve the efficiency of your Fire Safety System management and maintenance with digital data storage and communication.

Highlighted Modules

1. We develop a system and application, tailor-made for your asset management needs.

2. This will improve the accuracy, effectiveness, and speed of asset management, maintenance & work order process.

Highlighted Modules

Tech-Based Risk Management

IgnisEye Detection - Revolutionizing Fire & Smoke Detection

video url : https://youtube/kwscWEvcEiY

Ignis Tech Based Risk Management Video

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Fire Risk Assessment

Ignis Fire Risk Assessment Service

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Ignis Fire & Risk Assessment Commercial Video

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Fire Safety Engineering and Consulting

Hospital Evacuation Simulation Example using Pathfinder

video url : https://youtu.be/ya6Q-kHeoAU

FDS Simulation of Electrical Shaft With and Without Firestop

video url : https://youtu.be/DPMOuz3NhYA

Warehouse Fire FDS Example

video url : https://youtu.be/Bw3GPPOPSpY

Ignis Fire Safety Engineering & Consulting Video

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